Dental Braces in Brooklyn

Dental Braces Worth the Effort

Are you considering having dental braces? If so you might be wondering if they are really worth all the effort. Adult orthodontics ( see also: child orthodontics ) is becoming increasingly common and braces are no longer just for children and teenagers. Here at the Eco Dental we can provide you with a number of different dental braces options and you’ll be delighted to know that most are extremely discreet and highly suitable for adults who may be slightly embarrassed about having orthodontics later in life. In fact there is no reason why adults shouldn’t have braces and adult orthodontics can benefit anyone with crooked teeth, provided these teeth are healthy and strong. So when should you think about having dental braces? If you have any of the following issues with your teeth then it might be worthwhile to booking an appointment with one of our dentists.

  • Do you feel embarrassed whenever you smile or laugh or even talk with others?
  • Do you have unsightly gaps in between your teeth that you’d prefer to close up?
  • Do your teeth fit together slightly awkwardly, making it difficult to chew or bite into food?
  • Is it tricky to thoroughly clean your teeth, perhaps because they are too tightly packed in?

Adult orthodontics can help correct all these issues, and often treatment might be much quicker than you’d imagine. It all depends on the degree of problems that require correction and this is best determined by visiting one of our dentists. We can discuss the problems being caused by your crooked teeth and will talk to you about how best to resolve this.

Using Cosmetic Braces for Minor Issues

If these issues are relatively minor, for example perhaps you just have one or two teeth out of alignment or which are slightly protrusive, then we might recommend what are called cosmetic braces. These work on correcting problems with the front teeth rather than more substantial problems with the way teeth bite together. The huge advantage of this type of brace is that it can often produce results within just a few months, often using dental braces that are fully removable so it is easy to look after your teeth during orthodontic treatment. These types of braces can be excellent for correcting minor problems and for helping to close up or at least minimize gaps in between teeth.

Removable Dental Braces for More Substantial Problems

Removable dental braces normally consist of clear plastic aligners that fit tightly over the teeth. Each set of aligners is worn for around two weeks before being exchanged for a fresh set. This continues the tooth movements until treatment is complete. Many people find this type of treatment is extremely easy to tolerate, especially as the dental braces are taken out during eating and tooth brushing so there is little impact on day-to-day life. Even better, the clearer aligners can be extremely difficult for others to detect unless they are actually looking to see if you are wearing braces.

While removable braces can produce wonderful results, sometimes we may still recommend you use fixed braces. Nowadays these are extremely discreet and often use clear brackets (see also: clear braces) and tooth colored wires that will precisely move teeth. The final results of treatment should be teeth that look wonderful and which are easy to keep clean.