Security Agencies Give Nod for in-flight WiFi

The country’s security agencies have given their approval for in-flight WiFi with safeguards, enabling flyers to access emails and data on-board, according to a report .

A Home Ministry official was quoted as saying that the final call will be taken soon to allow in-flight WiFi, subject to the condition that the signals do not interfere with the aircraft’s communication with the Air Traffic Control (ATC). The proposal had been pending for a long time owing to the ongoing debate over security concerns.

There was apprehension over whether terrorists could hack into the aircraft system using the WiFi and control it remotely to use it as a missile. The WiFi could also be used by terrorists on-board to communicate with their handlers on ground.

However, those advocating the service say that the use of low-powered electronic devices is safe as modern planes are insulated against electromagnetic interference.

Foreign airlines are currently offering in-flight WiFi services on both domestic and international routes. The service is in great demand as passengers wish to stay connected constantly. The service also helps airlines collect more revenue. However, internet-based calls using the WiFi are still not allowed.

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